As you have probably heard the Coeur d’Alene City Council passed by a vote of 5-1 the proposed Anti-Discrimination legislation. Councilman Steve Adams played the man, bore testimony of Christ, and voted against the legislation. The other 5 voted in favor. Councilwoman Goodlander was frank enough to admit that this legislation granted special rights to the homosexual community at the expense of the Christian community. I spoke and also have written some letters this am – one to Councilman Kennedy on a couple questions he asked me during public testimony and another letter to the editor, a tongue in cheek Plea for the Adulterer. You can find my letter to Councilman Kennedy on my blog.
Our charge is fourfold. First, we are to continue as ever we have – loving Christ, loving one another, loving our neighbors, including those ensnared in various types of sexual sin – whether heterosexual or homosexual. While we vocally and stridently oppose the homosexual lobby, we must beware lest this opposition degenerate into self-righteousness or inhumanity. All humans, regardless of their sexual choices, are made in the image of God; indeed, this is why we call them to that which is noble and natural. Second, we need to be prepared to receive joyfully the plundering of our property for the sake of Christ and to come to the aid and encouragement of brothers who suffer in this way. We are called to identify with Christ and His people, bearing our cross, despising the shame. Third, we need to continue to urge our own families as well as other Christians to extract their children from the godless government education system. It is one of the chief institutions perpetuating the distorted notion that love does not demand change in the beloved and that kindness and tolerance are absolute virtues. Fourth, we are to use all lawful means to recall this legislation and the men and woman who passed it. It was clear from the representation at the meeting last night that the Council members were not representing the community at large but a special interest lobby. They should be made to know this.
Pastor Stuart Bryan