I visited my parents the other day and noticed an old display card in one of their rooms bearing the title, “My Church and I” by John Bunyan Smith, D.D. Curious I decided to read – and I was so struck by Dr. Smith’s words that I took a snapshot of the thing. Unfortunately my snapshot didn’t turn out too well – but I’ve transcribed what Dr. Smith had to say about the church here:

My church is the place where the Word of God is preached, the power of God is felt, the Spirit of God is manifested, the Love of God is revealed, and the unity of God is perceived.

It is the home of my soul, the altar of my devotion, the hearth of my faith, the center of my affections, and the foretaste of heaven.

I have united with it in solemn covenant, pledging myself to attend its services, to pray for its members, to give to its support, and to obey its laws.

It claims the first place in my heart, the highest place in my mind, the principal place in my activities, and its unity, peace and progress concern my life in this world and that which is to come.

I owe it my zeal, my benevolence and my prayers. When I neglect its services, I injure its good name, I lessen its power, I discourage its members, and I chill my own soul.

I have solemnly promised in the sight of God and men to advance its interests by my faithful attendance, by reading the Holy Bible, by never neglecting its ordinances, by contributing to its support, by meeting with my fellow members, by watching over their welfare, and by joining with them in prayer and praise and service; and that promise I this day renew, before God my Father, Christ my Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit my Sanctifier.