I submitted an article in praise of bullies to the Coeur d’Alene Press which was published yesterday. If you’d like to read it online it is available here. This is a modified version of a previously unsubmitted letter.

The point of the letter is that if there is no higher principle of justice that stands over and above every society, then we are simply left with the majority imposing their will on the minority. This is evident in one of the responses to my article online which says that it is simply society which dictates what is just or unjust. But if society dictates what is just or unjust then why is bullying wrong? If the majority of kids think it’s acceptable, then why not just let it go? Might makes right.

From a Christian worldview it is possible to answer this question – the reason we don’t let it go is because there is a God who has created us in His image and, therefore, even those with whom we disagree are worthy of honor and respect.