One of the editors of Touchstone Magazine wrote an excellent article on homosexuality and the Church. Go here to read his thoughts. It is critical that we saturate ourselves in the Word of God and the testimony of the sacraments in the midst of a culture askew.

The Coeur d’Alene Press covered the SCOTUS overthrow of the Defense of Marriage Act earlier this week. One of the things that struck my wife and me after reading the “word on the street” section of the paper was that most people’s opposition to homosexuality has been simply a matter of bigotry and tradition – not conviction based on Scripture and the way the Creator has hard-wired the universe. Those quoted simply didn’t express any measurable conviction other than, “Hey, whatever they want to do is fine. If the Supreme Court said so it must be okay.” As though the Supreme Court is the deity and the things others do have no measurable affect on the rest of society. The doom this spells for us as a people is sobering.