There are a number of insidious ideas within the Church today which are causing no small amount of discomfort and confusion for the people of God. One of the most tangible of these ideas is the notion of “finding the will of God.” We are told that we must sort through the various life decisions that are in front of us and choose just the right one lest we miss the “will of God.” This morning I want to address this notion by asking and answering two related questions: First, how do we go about making decisions in such a way that it honors God? Second, how does this enable us to thrive when the consequences of our decisions are not as we anticipated?

My purpose in addressing these questions is to follow up on our discussion on the weapons of our warfare last week. I want to train us to use these weapons more effectively so that our lives are free of the anxiety, regret, and frustration that characterize so much of the world and even Christendom. In particular, I want to show how using the Word of God and the Psalms of God enables us to make decisions with joy and gladness and to live with no regrets, entrusting our joys, fears, and anxieties to God.