It is the danger that arises from those who oppose God that emerges from our text today. When we serve God and determine to glorify Him, determine to do what He wants us to do and proclaim His Lordship over all of life, all of society, then we’re going to face opposition from those who do not want to honor him. They are going to start shooting at us. Things will get dangerous. And when those in opposition have influence and numbers, that opposition will frequently be menacing and threatening; when they have absolute power, that opposition can even be deadly.

Today Nehemiah teaches us how to respond to such opposition, how to handle the danger – we must entrust ourselves to God, praying that He would vindicate His Name and advance His kingdom, all the while continuing to build Jerusalem. And because we are at war, to pray for the advance of God’s kingdom is simultaneously to pray for the overthrow of the kingdom of the evil one. As the Kingdom of Light expands it does so to the detriment of the kingdom of darkness. And we are called to pray for this very thing.