As we go back to the Isaianic passages which speak of the Gospel or Good News, we find that they speak not only of the one appointed to embody the rule of God – namely, the Messiah, the Servant – they also speak of the state of affairs introduced by Him. When Messiah comes, when God acts to rescue His people from their estrangement from Him and from the land, a new state of affairs shall be introduced – life will change, cultures will change, people will change. This new state of affairs came to be called in the later prophets the kingdom or reign of God.

Thus far Mark has kept our focus on Jesus the Messiah – the one bringing this new state of affairs into existence. But today Jesus Himself begins preaching and rather than focus on Himself as the Messiah appointed by God to bring in the kingdom of God, He focuses on the arrival of the Kingdom itself. What is the Kingdom of God? How does the entrance of God’s Kingdom into human history affect the life of the people of God? These are the questions answered today.