As we examine the Gospel accounts, it is evident that the focus of their stories was not simple biography, nor mere history as it was practiced at the time they were written. The focus of their stories is on the climactic events of Jesus’ ministry – the last week of interaction with, condemnation of, and crucifixion by the reigning authorities – Jew and Gentile alike – as well as the overthrow of their plans in His resurrection from the dead and ascension to the right hand of the Father. Today we continue our study of Jesus’ crucifixion and observe the way in which both Mark and Jesus explain why this event was so central in the history of Israel and the history of the world, why believing this event changes the course of one’s whole life. By examining the metaphors that Jesus uses to explain the crucifixion, we will be equipped to understand why Mark was convinced that the Cross was the full display of Jesus’ glory as King.