Ezekiel’s vision of the eschatological temple enables us to understand the importance of our labor. Why worship faithfully each Lord’s Day? Why come to the Supper and be fed each Lord’s Day? Why sing the psalms & hymns together? Why be devoted to Trinitarian community? Why restore our marriages? What we will find is that Ezekiel’s vision encourages us to look beyond immediate considerations – who wouldn’t want a good marriage, after all? – and to look outward to what God will use this type of personal transformation to accomplish. Our Lord promises that as we love one another, as we give glory to one another, men will know that we are His disciples; and Paul remarks in 1 Corinthians that faithful and reverent worship oriented around the word faithfully preached will cause unbelievers to fall down on their faces, worship God, and report that God is truly among us. God’s intention is to use the Church as the primary agent through which He will transform the world, bring others to a knowledge of salvation, and fill the earth with the knowledge of His name. He promises that the Kingdom will grow over time and bring cleansing and healing to the nations.