The Church Part I – Duties of Elders and Congregations

June 10, 2012 in

In the context of installing a new elder at Trinity Church, our elders preached two sermons. The first by Bob Dowers is entitled The Duties of Elders to their Congregations. Bob explores the meaning and nature of Shepherding. The second by Stuart Bryan is entitled The Duties of a Congregation to her Elders. Stuart explores the call of those under authority to those in positions of authority over them. Together these sermons enable us to more fully understand the harmony that God has orchestrated to create in the Church.

Faith in Church

July 19, 2009 in

What does it mean to come to worship, to come to Church in faith rather than in unbelief? For the call of the Word of God to all God’s people – young and old, maiden and youth, men and women – is to live by faith. This means that when we come to worship, there is far more going on than our eyes can see and that we are called to trust in the Word of God more than our eyes.